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wi 28 day notice to end tenancy form

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3-DAY NOTICE TO PAY RENT OR QUIT Owner(s) Plaintiff(s) VS. Tenant(s) Defendant(s) and Does 1 to 10 inclusive TO the above named TENANTS/RESIDENTS AND ALL OTHERS IN POSSESSION. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE,
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Comments and Help with roommate eviction notice form
Video instructions and help with filling out and completing wi 28 day notice to end tenancy form
Instructions and Help about eviction notice form printable
Hi this is Steve witih King I'm an eviction attorney and today we're going to go over how to fill out a 30 day notice to quit this particular form is called notice of termination of tenancy I'll show you a few things about the form before we get started you can get the form at best San Diego eviction com that is our eviction website feel free to stop by there and get the form okay so let's talk about when you would use this form this is used when you have a tenant who has a month to month tenancy also known as a periodic tenancy and at least one of the tenants has lived in the premises for less than one year and of course this form is for use in California if all the tenants have lived in the house for more than one year you need to use a 60 day notice to quit and if it's in the city of San Diego and been more than two years you have to use a special form that gives cause on why you're evicting because of the city of San Diego's loss okay so let's go ahead and fill out this form I'm going to show you one more thing about it you'll notice that if you put your cursor over any of the fields that what goes in the field shows up so the form pretty much tells you what to do so let's get started so here you'll notice it says name of all adult occupants so we'll go ahead and put it in the name of the tenants here Jane Doe and John Doe and you'll notice it says in all the tents in possession of the premises so we don't need to put that in on this form then you need to put in the address of the rental unit we're going to use seven for two ever green terrace for our address we're going to say that's in the city of San Diego County of San Diego and we'll put a zip of 90210 for this is a made-up address just so everyone knows okay and since we're doing a 30-day notice here we're going to go ahead and click on 30 days now one of the things we put on this form was the option to have a date later than 30 days you're required to give a minimum of 30 days but you can give more than 30 days let's say it's August 15th and you just want them out by the end of September so you could put 30 days or September 30th 2011 whichever is later you'll notice you can't do it for less than 30 days if you put in a day in here less than 30 days they don't have to be up to the 30 days but if you put 30 days in a date later than 30 days they don't have to be out till the later date and sometimes that may be what you want to do okay then you just scroll down and you put in the date will say 8:25 2011 put in your name we're going to use Larry landlord here then you're going to save the form and print it out and once you print it out you'll sign here again my name is Steve Witte King I'm an eviction attorney we just went over how to fill out a 30 day notice to quit also known so 30 day notice to terminate tenancy if you want this form it is available at best San Diego eviction calm I want to thank you for taking the time to watch the video I hope it was helpful